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July 30, 2013
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I woke up from a restless dream.  I can’t remember what day it is. Wait a minute, where am I? I turn to my left, feeling a sense of heat and a trickle of sweat behind my neck. Instead of my bedroom window I see a huge iron door, open and guarded outside by… What are those things?

Ghosts? I panic. Could this be another of my weird dreams? Wake up! Okay, pinch yourself. It works in movies. Should work. Uh-oh… I can’t lift my arm. Okay, this is definitely a bad dream. I am trying to call my mother, Amm…aa…, No sound. Only a hoarse,  tiny sound coming from the inside of me. In a fraction of second my mind plays a series of images from the different horror movies I had watched. Grudge. A green, pale boy on the side of my bed. The Ring. I am getting my soul sucked by some long-haired girl. Excorcist. Am I possessed?? Or is this Buffalo Bill’s doing? Is he going to skin me alive to stitch a gown for himself?? Heck, what’s happening?

Turning left. Same door. Same two figures.  I squint my eyes to get a clear vision. Oh, damn.. Where are my glasses? I’ve got short-sight! I can’t see! No wonder they look like ghosts. Chuckle. I try to call out Hey! Hey! Still no sound. I slowly turn my head to the right. Holy… My mouth goes dry, I can feel the tip of my fingers go cold. My stomach turns into a knot, my heart races…


And… My imagination stops.

Later. 😀



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  1. November 2, 2013 6:14 pm

    Where’s the rest??? 😀

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