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April 21, 2010

This world is too much with us..

What we want is not what we get, and what we have does not please us.You trust someone, they betray you.You love someone and get hurt.

You wake up early in the morning on a weekend, hoping ‘today i’ll make it worthwhile’, and again you find yourself lazing in front of the television.

Classes gets boring.Works get hectic.You try to find happiness in everything around you,and yet, something is missing.

Friends call you for a party or hang-outs. Loads of fun, laughter, pleasure.. That’s when you think about something sad, or someone you miss and…something is missing.

I might be sounding hopless and this might not be true in everyone’s lives.But is in most.

I have dreams.Some am sure of acquiring,some i dont think i’ll ever lay my hands on &some i got and gracefully lost.I believe in being ambitious.Yes,one can gain anything in life;and the saying is so true! Then why still are there, people living on streets? Why still more suicides and broken hearts? Why all those long faces?? Their fate? And they say, there’s nothing such as fate?The next thing they tell to console you is, pray to God. Again, i ask the above questions.

Accept fate.Forgive.Forget.Supress what you feel. Sacrifice.Obey the rules.

And then it’s said to ‘Live Life‘.

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